Why Food is Love?

One word that brings a smile on everyone’s face is food. No matter whether you are young or old, food always makes it to the list of items you can’t resist. Food is the basic necessity for life and it also paves way for happiness. It happens a lot of time when we feel low and things do not go as per our will. So, what do we do to feel better? Some will say we listen to music, some will say we like to dance, some may like to read, but for many FOOD is an invigorating factor.

For me food is the simple door to happiness, a bite of my favorite dish does the work. I believe you might connect with me when I say that chocolates are a blessing, you might connect more when I say Gulab jamun is heavenly food, if yes then food is your way to find happiness and a companion as well. Actually, happiness can always be found in things we enjoy, we love, such as singing, dancing, reading, eating, cooking, etc.

Food can make our day and sometimes spoil it too. If we do not get good a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning, it leaves a gap at the start of our day and we feel it until we fill that gap by having a refreshing cup of tea or coffee. The chai vale bhaiyas around our office premises help us in this task, food is the center point of all we do. Remember, how in school, the lunch box would connect all of us together, one having bhindi with chapatis, others having jam bread, and some having delicious aloo sabzi and puris would share a bite or a two to satiate our taste buds. It also used to connect us to each other. The same thing happens in our offices.

Majority of the people agree that they enjoy a lot eating together with their colleagues and friends having all the tiffins open in one place and the taste of love surrounding them. Food gives identity to the cities, the Tunday Kababs, Vajpayee ki puri, Sharma ji ki Chai, Chowk ka Malai Makhan and a lot more, makes Lucknow an attractive destination for a lot of tourists, chefs who come to get en essence of the love and harmony this city houses with delicious food.

Despite all of this, a large population of our country still struggles to get a single proper meal for the day. Isn’t it shocking? We love to go to restaurants, spend loads of money on our favorite food, and on the other side, some don’t even get a single meal per day. We need to step up and bring food for all, start helping people, be empathetic towards their sufferings, and try our best to uplift them. Giving food merely won’t help, we need to step up and make them capable, create opportunities for them so that they can earn their livelihood and afford a meal for their family. Food will bring a smile to every face provided we make it approachable, empower people to earn their bread, and create opportunities for them to earn. So go ahead and try helping someone in earning their bread and that feeling of contentment will surely bring happiness to you.

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Anshu Dixit

Anshu Dixit is Regional Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and also involved in multiple volunteering activities across domains. He likes to write motivational quotes and articles.
He is a very good team worker and loves to encourage ecological conservation activities.

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