Life is getting very busy these days. We are living in a world where innovations are happening everyday, myths are being broken, researchers are spear heading the changes, and the world we see today may not be the same 5 or 10 years down the line. Man keeps on inventing new things, starts using them, learns about it’s pros and cons then invents or discovers remedies to mitigate the ill-effects caused by the issues created. Whatever we do and whichever moment we live in, we have a learning hidden. Every action that we take has multiple effects, both positive and negative. These positives and negatives both teach us something new.

Life can be treated as a never-ending school where we are just getting promoted to the next class one after the other. Let’s take the example of the current situation where we are going through a pandemic. This pandemic taught us the valuable lesson of cleanliness. Earlier we were very casual towards cleanliness. The good habits that we learned in our childhood of washing our hands before eating, keeping the surroundings clean, not spitting on roads were all buried under the sand. Now can we think of not washing our hands after touching something? People had forgotten the good manners of covering their nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing. Now, even our relatives or friends won’t accept us or stay with us if we sneeze or cough in front of them without covering?

So, I believe each and everything that happens in this world teaches us something. We should try to analyse the situation and bring the best out of it, spread the good word, the positivity, the learning with others so that everybody benefits from it. Let’s take another perspective, this pandemic taught us the value of human interaction, we have been hearing that man is a social animal but this pandemic actually taught us the true meaning of this phrase.

In this lockdown, people didn’t meet their friends, relatives, colleagues, and it started hampering their mental health. Mental well-being surfaced as the most important aspect. When we meet people, we not just talk, we express ourselves through our actions, we feel the presence of an individual, the energies interact with each other and that helps us connect better.

Physical presence can never be replaced by digital presence. Digital presence can certainly help us through tough times, help bridge the gap wherever necessary, and where physical presence becomes impossible. But humans will always need that healing presence to help them grow. I hope we come out of this pandemic pretty soon and enjoy the ups and downs of life extracting learnings from each moment and spreading the same throughout the world. Start analyzing your situations, bring out the positive learnings from them, and apply them in your actions to steer your life to success.

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Anshu Dixit

Anshu Dixit is Regional Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and also involved in multiple volunteering activities across domains. He likes to write motivational quotes and articles.
He is a very good team worker and loves to encourage ecological conservation activities.

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