Problem: Why do they help us?

We all face problems in our life, some of them tend to be big and some small. However, all of them cause some sort of disruption or inconvenience in our lives. When the problems start to step in, people start feeling uneasy, irritated and sometimes very low because they never expected any problem to step in into their lives. Nobody expects problems, but some people treat them as a part of life and carry forward with them, whereas some get stuck and start worrying.

Worrying hampers our thought processes. Even simple things become difficult to solve as we are unable to see the clear picture. This makes us vulnerable, spoils our mental health, creates issues in personal as well as professional lives. We may start losing the balance between our personal and professional lives. Problems in professional life may make their way into our personal life and vice versa. This starts making life of our family and friends too uneasy and that is what makes the circumstances alarming.

Whenever a problem creeps in, we should try to analyze the root cause. It is always in the basics that answers to most of our problems can be found if we start backtracking. Start from today and analyze your way back to the start.

On a positive note, problems always come into our lives to teach us something. Face the problems with a smiling face as when you try solving them you start learning new things, you become stronger. Treat it just as an immunity builder because when the next time such a problem comes, you will be ready, and more importantly because you had solved it the last time so it will be much easier this time. While solving the problems it is extremely important that we keep our minds calm and happy, take a deep breath, tell ourselves that we can do it, and kick start the analysis.

Whenever a problem comes into my life, I take a deep breath and say to myself “You can do it Anshu, it is just a simple problem. There isn’t anything that you can’t solve”. Believe me, it works magically, whenever you talk to yourself it makes you feel better. Just like how we see the superstar Mr. Anil Kapoor talking to himself, looking into the mirror. You just see how elegantly he makes everyone feel his presence, on seeing him perform this talk on a TV show I realized that yes people who follow it benefit from it. I have been doing the same since my childhood and believe me, it works magic. So, I urge all to face your problems with a positive attitude and smiling face as they are your friends in disguise, they make you stronger and help you grow and also give you a gift bag full of learnings.

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Anshu Dixit

Anshu Dixit is Regional Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and also involved in multiple volunteering activities across domains. He likes to write motivational quotes and articles.
He is a very good team worker and loves to encourage ecological conservation activities.

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