To believe in yourself is to believe in God's most magnificent creation.

Believing: Is it really difficult?

BELIEF, a six-letter word but a precious gift we can give someone. We live in a world where one’s profit may be another’s loss and hence it sometimes becomes very difficult for people to believe in each other. Most of the misunderstandings are born when we don’t believe in each other. Lack of belief gives birth to a lack of trust which creates an environment where love cannot survive and without love, the world will not be a place to live.

People face a lot of ups and downs in their lives and the one thing that helps them go through all these and stand strong is the strength that they get through believing in their own abilities and also through the people who put their faith in them. When you are going through a tough time, it becomes gloomy all around, darkness starts spreading its wings and blocks the light of truthfulness and love. At this time all we need to raise up our morale is through someone who can say “I believe in you”. It can be our inner self that may make us believe in our abilities, it may be our parents, our siblings, our friends, anybody who understands our pain, our agony.

A simple “I believe you” may do wonders for people and give them a mental boost, an emotional support to step up, rise, and face the problem in their life with full strength. In the famous movie Munna Bhai MBBS, the scene where Munna(Sanjay Dutt) walks up to the hospital cleaning staff and gives him a Jaadu ki Jhappi, made us emotional and restored our faith in humanity. It made us realize that a simple appreciation, a simple gesture that tells people that you believe in them can do wonders.

We need to remember that everything in this world is relative and someone’s truth may be false for someone, the best example is the universal truth that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. So, is it the sun rising and setting? Or is it the earth that is rotating on its own axis which makes us believe that the Sun is rising or setting? For a child, the Sun rises and sets, when the same child has studied the science behind it, their truth and belief system tend to differ now. They now know that the earth is moving around the sun as well as rotating on its own axis. It is just a matter of perspective. Hence, it is always best to listen to people, understand their point of view, and then make a judgment. It is just like that famous line from the famous TV Show Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma, “Problems toh hain sable pas, bass nazariye ki hai baat”.

When you start looking at a situation from someone else’s perspective, you see a different picture. Hence, when everything down the line becomes relative, we should sit and analyze situations and start believing. Believing in oneself or others helps create a positive environment which is important for nurturing love. Let’s start each day by believing in our abilities and help others believe in their own abilities. You may never know you might save someone from a lot of pain and distress and enlighten their extinguished flame of joy and happiness.

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Anshu Dixit

Anshu Dixit is Regional Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and also involved in multiple volunteering activities across domains. He likes to write motivational quotes and articles.
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