Flush door installation and its rate analysis

Doors are a vital part of any building facility. They provide safety, security and privacy. Hence it becomes important to have strong and durable doors. Interiors of a living space can be bolstered by adequately sized door panels. There are many types of doors available-

  • Wooden
  • Toughened glass
  • Aluminium
  • Mild Steel, etc.

Flush door is a simple board door panel that is built of a solid core enclosed within a layer of veneers on both sides. The outer frame is made up of solid continuous wood of at least 2” thickness that runs around the perimeter of the door panel. The inner core is made up of blockboard wood panels/ particle board. Its quality governed by IS Code 2202-1 (1999). Depending upon the concentration of the core material, it is categorized as listed below-

  • Hollow core type
  • Cellular core type
  • Solid core type

At either end of the door along the middle of the length, we have solid wooden blocks so as to enable the installation of bolts and inter-lock, which if not present would eventually lead to the disintegration of the door. The wood used in the manufacture of the flush door must be properly seasoned, chemically treated so as to avert termite invasion and bending/ warping on account of temperature changes.

  • Advantages-
  • Available in a variety of sizes- (6’x3’), (7’x3’), (6.25’x2.5’), (6.75’x3’), (8’x4’)
  • Easy availability and easy to transport
  •  Variety in thickness- 25mm, 30mm, 35mm
  • Size can be customized as per the requirement post-purchase
  • Manufactured and sold by reputed brand which ensures quality material
  • Can last until as long as 20-25 years
  • Affordable and easy installation
  • Laminate sheet can be pasted upon it as per our favourite design or it can be simply painted upon with our favourite shade to suit the aesthetics of a theme suggested by our interior designer/ architect.

Although the price varies with respect to the material, brand, size and thickness, we will do the rate analysis for a door-sized- (7’x3’) of 35mm thickness to be installed by our vendor as given below-

Please note, here the profit percentage is relatively low because of higher margins in terms of rupees. Hence, the profit percentage considered here is only 4%.
Thus, our final costing may vary between INR 370-450/SQFT depending upon factors like- material availability, size, brand, transportation, labour expertise and volume of work.
Please note, this range is strictly valid only if the work is sourced directly from the vendor. However, the range may further increase if our selected vendor further subcontracts the work.

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