Painting is an indispensable part of any infrastructural or real estate project. It beautifies the existing space and has the capability to breathe life into any environment. A properly painted surface can be obtained by following the methods as listed below-

  • Cleaning of surface
  • Putty (2 coats, in some cases where the surface is highly uneven we may have to apply 3 coats as well)
  • Application of primer (usually 1 coat is applied)
  • Paint (2 coats, except in some cases where 3 coats are required)
  • Cleaning and touch up.

So, not withholding any further suspense, let us learn the art of estimating the cost of painting (rate analysis) of a facility as per the steps enumerated above-

  1. AREA TO BE PAINTED= 1000 ft2 (sqft)
  2. PUTTY- 2 coats
    For a double coat, approximately 1 kg of putty is required to coat an area of about 16sqft.
    Thus, quantity of putty required for 1000 ft2= 1000/16= 62.5 kg = 63 kg
    A 40 kg bag of putty costs about INR 800. Hence, cost for 63 kg= (63*800)/40= INR 1260
  3. PRIMER- 1 coat
    For a single coat, approximately 1 litre of primer is required for an area of about 120 ft2.
    Thus, the quantity of primer required for 1000 ft2= 1000/120= 8.3L= 9L
    A 20 litre can of primer costs about INR 2500. Hence, cost for 9L= (9*2500)/20= INR 1125
  4. PAINT- 2 coats
    The cost of paint is variable, depending upon the type and quality of the paint we chose. Some factors that affect the cost of paint- brand, material type (distemper, emulsion, plastic, etc.), colour/shade. For our computation we are considering the most basic and commonly used paint i.e., ASIAN TRACTOR EMULSION                                                      For a double coat, 1 litre of paint is required for an area of about 140 ft2.
    Thus, quantity of paint required for 1000ft2= 1000/140= 7.14L= 8L
    A 20 Liter bucket of Non- coloured Asian tractor emulsion costs INR 2500. Hence, cost for 8L= (8*2600)/20= INR 1040
    Consider the cost of manpower required for painting as INR 12.5/ft2

    Please note, that this cost is variable and depends upon the region in which the work is done and the volume of work. Cost of labour is more in Bangalore as compared to NCR. Also, cost is more for interior designing as compared to ordinary commercial painting. Cost also tends to vary with the expertise of a contractor and the type of painting being done.

    Thus, total labour cost will be= 12.5*1000= INR 12500
  • TOTAL MATERIAL & LABOUR COST= 1260+1125+1040+12000=
    INR 15925
  • Adding 2% on the total cost for tools & accessories for painting= 0.02*15925= INR 318
  • Adding 10% on the total cost as contractor’s profit= 0.1*15925=
    INR 1592.5
  • TOTAL COST= 15925+309+1592.5= INR 17826.5
  • TOTAL COST PER SQUARE FEET= 17826.5/1000= 17.826= INR 18/ft2

Thus, following the above simple steps, we can easily help analyse our cost for painting without needing any professional help. It is a wonderful tool for project management and budgeting. Any suggestions and feedback for further improvements are most welcome.

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