STRUGGLE- How to help someone in winning their struggles?

Struggle is a simple word, yet it is a reality in everyone’s life today. Each one of us is going through some struggles in our lives, the reasons may change but the struggle remains. We fight a battle each day, winning or losing depends on how well we tried and the one thing that makes sure that even if we lose we do not fall is our will to keep moving. Many times we come across people who tried but failed and got apprehended in a fog created out of their own thoughts. It’s not the case that they didn’t try neither it is that they cannot win but we are humans, we have emotions and these sometimes get over on us and make things a bit hazy.

I am not saying that emotions make it difficult but yes the mental trauma of a failure sometimes takes a toll on some of us and hence we are unable to come out and try again. This is the time when we need someone or something to just make us aware of our true potential. I personally believe that if each one of us just keep this in mind and keep appreciating others for the good in them, we will be able to help each other in putting up a brave fight against our daily struggles. Even our smallest efforts can change someone’s life for the better.

Let’s celebrate the feeling of winning together, helping each other and bringing smiles to the world. If someone is feeling low, sit and talk with them, let them know that it is okay to feel low, everyone goes through a rise and a fall. The struggle is a vicious yet adventurous cycle, after every day there is night and after every night there is a day. Even the Sun guides us each day with the same learning. Let’s talk, Let’s make people happy, Let’s put some smiles on faces, the world needs them.

Let me tell you a short anecdote, it was late night and I was working at my office, I finished up my work, packed my things and stood up for going home. While on my way outside the room, I saw one of my colleagues sitting and working. I felt I should ask although I didn’t have any idea about his work and neither could help but I went forward just to ask if my help can make things easier. We had a small conversation, he was a bit stressed due to tight timelines so I tried to encourage and motivate him. I couldn’t offer any help as I didn’t have the expertise required but I certainly believe that day a small talk helped him. After somedays in a gathering, he shared this incident thanking me for staying back and offering support. I never knew that a little gesture of mine, a little chit chat will help someone brighten or refresh their mood. This helped me learn that we as humans should always try and connect with others, talk with each other, maybe someone may feel good just with your simple hello or hi. So people, let’s gear up and be the ambassadors of happiness, spread joy with your tiny but powerful efforts.

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Anshu Dixit

Anshu Dixit is Regional Mentor of Change at Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog and also involved in multiple volunteering activities across domains. He likes to write motivational quotes and articles.
He is a very good team worker and loves to encourage ecological conservation activities.

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