Granite is an igneous rock, formed from the solidification and crystallization of molten lava. Property owners prefer Granite flooring to display the grandness of their properties. It becomes utterly important to estimate the cost of granite flooring because it it quite expensive as compared to normal tile and marble flooring. Let us get ourselves familiar with its rate analysis-

  1. Total floor area= 1 m2
    Granite slab (20mm) required= 1 m2
    Wastage considered= 10%
    Total size of granite slab required= 1.1 m2
    Cost of granite= INR 100/ft2
    Total cost of granite= 1.1*100*10.764 [1m2=10.764ft2]
    = INR 1184/m2
  2. Epoxy Grout is required to fill up the joints in granite flooring.
    Total cost of epoxy grout= INR 80/m2
  3. Cement-sand mortar (1:4) of 25mm thickness is required upon which granite slab will be laid.
    Volume of mortar= 1*0.025= 0.025m3
    In a dry state, the volume of mortar is 40% more than the volume of mortar in the wet stage, hence the volume of dry mortar= 1.4*0.025m3

    No. of cement bags required= {[(0.04)/(1+4)]*1}/0.035=0.2 bags
    Volume of 1 bag of cement is 0.035m3
    Cost of cement= 0.2*380= INR 76

    Volume of sand required= {[(0.04)/(1+4)]*4}= 0.03m3
    Cost of sand= INR 60/ft3
    Total cost of sand= (0.03*60)/0.0283= INR 63.6

TOTAL MATERIAL COST= 1184+80+76+63.6
= INR 1403.6= 1404
/m2 = 1404/10.764= INR 130/ft2

4. Transportation & consumables cost at the rate of 5% of total material cost
= 0.05*1404= INR 70.2/m2 = 70.2/10.764= INR 6.5/ft2

Labor charges for Granite installation= INR 65/ft2

TOTAL COST= 130+6.5+65= INR 201.5

Profit @10% of the total cost= 0.1*201.5= INR 20.15

FINAL TOTAL COST= INR 201.5+20.15= INR 221.65
= INR 222/ft2

In the above calculation, we took the rates for the city of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Please note, labour & contractor charges, granite and sand cost are variable with respect to material specification and geographical location across India. It is a very important parameter to be considered during budgeting and estimation. Also, the rates described above are exclusive of GST.
Suggestions and recommendations are most welcome.

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