The year 2020 that started on a pompous note for many of the world powers like the USA and China is now playing havoc. We were completely oblivious of the fact that very soon an unseen enemy will engulf the human civilization across the globe. An enemy that holds no prejudices, treats everyone alike. An enemy that has certainly defied all the barriers of geographical boundaries. This enemy as we all know is CORONA VIRUS also known as COVID-19. Coronavirus which is believed to have originated in the wet markets of Wuhan at the present seems to be invincible. The symptoms are quite similar to influenza and cure for which is yet not found. As it is highly contagious, the only alternative to fight it back is social distancing or more precisely physical isolation. Thus, to make it happen countries around the world have imposed a lockdown.

Lockdown is the first type of war strategy in the history of mankind that requires no weapon, no battlefield but to stay away from the devilish clutches of this ruthless enemy. Lockdown involves staying back at your place of residence, keeping a social distance, restriction of movement, and work from home. This brings both tiresome relaxation for many and boredom as well. As a result of which we are forced to develop companionship with the internet and its many agents. Although it does provide us with many benefits but certainly it has another side as well that may eventually lend us in huge trouble.

Social networking is a topic of deep discussion and big debates. The more benefits it is expected to generate more risk it poses to the security and well being of an individual. Hence, in the wake of growing dependence on social networking and that too under such unforeseen circumstances, there are few things that I would like to convey to my readers that are meant not to be shared via social media-

  • FINANCIAL DETAILS– Sharing your confidential bank or financial details with any person on such platforms puts your information on the risk of being stolen. There may be hackers, intruders waiting for certain patterns, code words to be communicated, and they immediately catch hold of your details. You might be lured of some big discounts or job offers that may ask you for your account details. So be careful.
  • FAMILY INFORMATION– It is highly advisable that one should not disclose their family information on social media. You might be meeting someone on any of the social networking sites- Facebook, Instagram, etc. In the start things usually appear to be very pleasant. A little chat of this and that and eventually you go so much swayed away that you might end up giving out key details of your family to a person whom you have never met.
  • PROFESSIONAL DETAILS– Well everyone likes to flaunt their designation and company/ organization they work for. LinkedIn and job portals are the best place to do so but only with privacy filters so that you control what to hide and disclose with others.  But updating the same on social media may be in violation of the company’s code of conduct. Violations may be in the form of- posting your selfie with the company’s office in the background that might capture few key details, strategic designations, disclosing some other information with respect to colleagues, future plans, etc. You may even face heavy penalties or get fired from your current organization. No matter, how innocent you have been, whether or not you did it deliberately but there is always a price to pay for each of our carelessness.
  • PERSONAL DETAILS– It is highly recommended especially for girls not to share their photographs and contact details with the public. If you want to, better put some filters. Who knows what havoc these pictures and video editing software may play in your life. The same is applicable for others as well because unscrupulous elements await such information to proceed on with their malpractices.
  • CREATIONS– It takes a lot of time, effort, and imagination to pour out your creativity and intelligence to create something new. Mind you better not disclose it before you get credited for your work by the concerned authority. Also share the same only if it is really required and also scrutinize well in advance your prospective audience.
  • UNKNOWN LINKS & APPS– Recently we witnessed an apology from the senior management of ZOOM for their intentional breach into the privacy of their subscribers and users. The app facilitates video conferencing and is proving to be a useful IT resource in work from home during the lockdown. However, it was somehow disclosed that upon installing zoom, it steals information from the user’s system. Indian government discouraged the use of such applications. Likewise, many links of google drive with public access setting is in circulation over WhatsApp and other social platforms. You don’t know what lies behind, what harm it may do to your social identity, and what information it may steal or with what malware it may infect your system. So, please maintain some distance.

Some useful tips-

  • Practice meditation, yoga, and exercise
  • Spend time doing something of interest to you
  • Give time to yourself, discover your self
  • Share, discuss, and support your family.
  • Read some good books
  • Develop some new skills which may help you in the post lockdown period.
  • Reduce your dependence on social media.
  • Help the society, feed the needy, and spread awareness against the carriers of COVID-19.
  • Eat healthy, sleep timely, and always smile wholeheartedly.

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